"Our tablet offers an extensive collection of dementia friendly films, songs, and games to improve the communicate with people who suffer from dementia and to remember past times."

Philipp Gaerte and Marc Aurel Engels
Founder's of Media4Care

"Every time I see the enthusiasm and the sparkle in the eyes of our residents when they discover the content on the tablets that makes me enthusiastic as well."

Nursing Home Manager, Johanniter Heilbronn

“With VerbaVoice’s help, I can finally read all my lectures live on my tablet so that I don’t miss out on anything! In the past, I would often not find out about important contents of my course of study and always had to depend on help from fellow students.“

Miriam Nauderer
User VerbaVoice

“Ananda Ventures is an original investor in Auticon and is, after more than five years, still an essential strategic partner for us – much more than just a financial investor. The team has a terrific network and a passion for our business model. They always support us where we need them.”

Kurt Schöffer

“At auticon, I can make use of my strengths without having to concentrate on the details of everyday business.“

Tim Rehberg
Auticon-Consultant with autism

"Little Bird helps young parents search for a new childcare slot for their child. I know from my own experience how difficult that can be and am glad that Ananda Ventures will support us so we can make this service available in an increasing number of towns and cities in Germany."

Anke Odrig
Founder Little Bird

"The IESO online cognitive behavioral
therapy (CBT) was absolutely brilliant,
you learn how to cope with something
that previously had seemed insurmountable.
I have had 5 sessions and it has
made a world of difference. I had been
wanting to seek therapy for a long time
now but could not get up the courage
to see and speak to a stranger in person."

User of the IESO online cognitive behavioral therapy

What we aim to achieve

Ananda Ventures is one of the leading venture capital investors for social enterprises in Europe.

Social entrepreneurs solve social challenges in sustainable, market-driven ways – tackling issues such as education, social integration, the ageing population and long-term unemployment.

We share their passion for building outstanding companies in a professional, dynamic way.



Ananda Ventures works with the founders of social enterprises in the spirit of equality. We have created a unique network of investors, business people, social entrepreneurs and experts to achieve our common goals.

Ananda Ventures currently manages approx. 30 million euros in two funds (Social Venture Funds I + II). Our investors are (entrepreneurial) families, funds, banks, and institutions (e.g. EIF).

Our Portfolio

We invest in social change ‘on our own doorstep’- in high growth companies based in Europe and targeting social issues in the region. Typical examples of companies in our portfolio include:




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:: NEWS :: NEWS :: NEWS ::

11.05.2017 Lennart Hergel at Capital on Stage, Berlin

watch the video

25.10.2016 Social Venture Fund II invests in MealSaver

An innovative, simple and cost-effective app for selling excess meals of restaurants and bakeries to consumers.

view website

watch the video

press release

20.10.2016 Virgin Group invests in pioneering German social enterprise “auticon”

Virgin Group invests in auticon to help employ more autistic adults in the UK.

press release


Smart capital:

Social entrepreneurs and their mission require a precisely structured and reliable flow of funding. We support them in questions of business infrastructure, which we tackle through personal meetings. We define common goals and discuss appropriate ways of repaying the capital.

Clear focus:

From our own experience, we understand the challenges which social entrepreneurs face. We are thus well-placed to effectively support them as they grow. We always keep the vision in clear focus: social impact – a sustainable and effective solution to a social problem.

Strong network:

We know how important it is to go beyond financial support. Ambitious early stage entrepreneurs need high-profile connections as well as management, legal and PR consulting. The opportunity to exchange ideas with experienced social entrepreneurs and business people is invaluable as businesses grow. Ananda Ventures benefits from a network of investors, experts, management specialists, social enterprises and organizations operating in relevant fields. These ‘ambassadors’ serve as our flexible backbone.  Our unique infrastructure provides a strong added value to our portfolio companies.

Examples of Ananda’s “ambassadors” are:


Personality counts:

At Ananda Ventures, social entrepreneurs and their motivations play a central role. They are inspiring individuals who build capable teams and create successful social enterprises. Their projects are ‘role models’ in their fields and in their countries- and they have the potential to expand internationally. They develop business models that are scalable, with the scope for strong, dynamic growth.

European ground:

Ananda Ventures is the first pan-European social venture fund and a pioneer in its field. We focus on enterprises that operate primarily within Europe and that are headquartered here. Similarly, their impact should be made first and foremost within Europe. With our home base in Munich and an office in London, we are positioned at the center of the European impact investing and venture capital markets.

Impact First:

Successful social enterprises exist in many areas. Their primary goal is to effectively identify and solve the problems faced by a disadvantaged group. In our portfolio, the main themes are education, social integration, ageing population, long-term unemployment and health. However, we are open to discussing other areas where substantial impact can be triggered.

Medium to large amounts:

Our investments range from €500,000 to €1.5 million. For later stage financing, we draw on our network of co-investors to syndicate rounds of €5 million and more. We normally act as lead or major co-investor in later stages, but are open to participation with minority stakes in cases that promise compelling impact. Our holding periods typically vary between 5 to 8 years.

Later stages:

We support high-growth social enterprises, whose products have already passed the proof of concept. Positive feedback from the target market and an existing client base should already be in place. Another type of investee that we like to support are companies that have successfully built their market presence and require more capital to fuel additional growth.

Fitting structures:

Our spread of financing structures ranges from mezzanine to equity capital. The structures are fitted according to the business model, stage and exit scenario, as well as the exit preferences of the founder.

Strong social impact:

The key to success lies in the impact of the target company. It can be clearly measured and is well-defined by key performance indicators that position the company at the peak of its sector.

Financial position:

The financial position of the social enterprise is sound and able to service the invested capital. In case of a pure equity injection we need to see a realistic exit window.


Effective team:

There is no success without extraordinary individuals. The social enterprise has a motivated and capable team that knows how to maximize impact while creating a sustainable and economically viable business.


The business model has to be amongst the most efficient and effective solution in its peer group.


What is not a fit for us:

Sometimes not everyone is the right fit. We deliberately exclude projects without positive social or ecological impact or the intention to achieve a financial return. In particular, projects or enterprises that are directly or indirectly related to sectors such as nuclear energy, defense, addictive substances, or that risk using child labor are excluded. In addition, organisations with political overtones or links to fundamentalist religion do not belong to our target group. The Social Venture Fund does not participate in turnarounds, bail-outs or situations where government subsidies secure workplaces. As a principle, risks and opportunities should be equally shared among the stakeholders.

Social Impact Investing

What is Social Impact Investing?

Ananda Ventures stands for a new type of investment – Social Impact Investing.

Any Social Enterprise financed by us aims to achieve a relevant and measurable social impact as well as appropriate financial returns that benefit the founders and our investors. This way, more new money flows into the social business in return. Many of our investments have become companies that serve as true role models for other people and organizations and inspire them – which in turn reinforces the social impact.

The social impact is determined when the investment is made and then measured over the course of time. Ananda Ventures have developed their own method for measuring the social impact of our portfolio companies. This is based especially on performance indicators (KPIs), which are determined and collected on an ongoing basis together with the Social Enterprise.

What is a Social Enterprise?

According to our definition, Social Enterprises are companies that were founded with the clear goal of finding a solution to a social challenge. Here, the solution to the social problem is inherent to the business model and grows in parallel with the company. The more revenues, the more social impact.

We are particularly interested in Social Enterprises that focus on the issues of socially deprived target groups, thereby achieving a social impact that is as specific and measurable as possible. However, we are also open to other models.

Wikipedia Definition Social Entrepreneurship


Publications on Impact Investing

Ananda Ventures is a member of the National Advisory Board of the G8 Impact Investing Task Force and contributed to the final report.

Report of the national Task Force
Report of the international Task Force
Reportof our sister company, Impact in Motion, on Impact Investing in Germany

Video Social Impact Investing of the G8 Task Force


Dirk Mueller-Remus
Kurt Schoeffer


Autistic individuals receive the opportunity to contribute their skills to the IT sector (e.g. Software Testing) and to independently fund their lives.

Headquarters Berlin
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries People diagnosed with autism
Customers Enterprises, especially in the IT sector
Founded 2011
Website http://auticon.de
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5GwtfnPT3c&index=4&list=PLH4mheHb__mAapo28N-4zoSoJVvjv2UMI

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CEO and founder
Tom Hooper

Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning is a unique and effective one-to-one online numeracy tutoring program for children with numeracy weaknesses from economically deprived backgrounds.

Headquarters London
Area of activity UK
Benefeciaries Children with numeracy weaknesses for economically deprived backgrounds
Customers Primary schools
Founded 2012
Website https://www.thirdspacelearning.com/
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Novy1eJxH30

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CEO for Product and Sales
Marc Aurel Engels
Philipp Gaerte


Media4Care developed the “Media Dementia” tablet PC, a special media offering to improve the wellbeing and individual care of people with dementia.

Headquarters Berlin
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries People with dementia as well as caregivers and relatives
Customers Nursing homes and services, occupational therapists, relatives
Founded 2013
Website http://www.media4care.de
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRKFQL7QVuI

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IESO Digital Health

IESO offers discreet, quality-controlled online access to psychological therapy. This enables underserved and disadvantaged people suffering from mental illness to seek help.

Headquarters Cambridge, UK
Area of activity UK and USA
Benefeciaries People who are suffering from mental illness
Customers State funded patients, self-referred or referred by the National Health Service (UK)
Founded 2000 (commercialisation post 2011)
Website http://iesohealth.com
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWML_6_y-ls

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Oula Antere
Mai Goth Olesen

ResQ Club

An innovative, simple and cost-effective app for selling excess meals of restaurants and bakeries to consumers.

Headquarters Helsinki
Area of activity Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands
Benefeciaries People wishing to consume low-cost takeaway meals in an ecologically sustainable and conscious way (e.g. students)
Customers Restaurants and bakeries determined to reduce food waste
Founded 2015
Website https://resq-club.com/
Video https://youtu.be/1_lM3zkDbWw

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The Founders
Emile Axelrad and James Weatherill


Arbor helps schools with an efficient management information system to learn from their data and automate workflows. Thereby, student outcomes and the quality of education can be improved.

Headquarters London
Area of activity UK
Benefeciaries pupils
Customers English primary and secondary school including ”Multi-academy trusts”
Website http://arbor-education.com/

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Kai Nikolaizig


An online platform enables live transmission of written and sign language interpreters – on canvas, live-streaming or on a smartphone. People with hearing impairment are enabled to participate flexibly in education and society.

Headquarters Munich
Area of activity Germany / in the future global
Benefeciaries Hearing impaired and deaf people (300,000 in GER, 40 million globally)
Customers Users are hearing-impaired people, Cost units are e.g. Agency of Employment (Agentur für Arbeit), intergration offices and communities
Founded 2009
Website http://www.verbavoice.de
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6PnY7oPIKY

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Björn Czinczoll

Kinderzentren Kunterbunt

Flexible and affordable daycare. The centers address the needs and issues faced by working parents and their children.

Headquarters Nuremberg
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries Families, working parents, children
Customers Companies, municipalities
Founded 1998
Website http://www.kinderzentren.de

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Markus Bönig


vitabook helps above all the seriously and chronically ill as well as people in need of nursing care. It provides users with their own personal health account and helps avoid dangerous combination of medications.

Headquarters Hamburg
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries the seriously or chronically ill and care-dependent
Customers pharmacies, users are patients, family members, caregivers and nursing services.
Founded 2010
Website https://www.vitabook.de/

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Zoe Peden

Insane Logic

An effective support for individuals with learning and/or speech impairments. Insane Logic develops mobile solutions that improve their ability to communicate and help them to develop language skills.

Headquarters London
Area of activity United Kingdom
Benefeciaries Learning disabled individuals, “English as an additional language” (EAL) pupils, communication-impaired early years pupil children in need of longer-term speech and language therapy intervention, dementia patients
Customers Early years education providers, primary schools, special schools and supported living institutions, speech and language therapists and individuals with communication issues
Founded 2011
Website http://www.insanelogic.co.uk
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcsN8PEQhJ0

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Essex Social Impact Bond

An effective, evidence-based care prevention program for children with extreme behavioral problems, based in Essex, UK. By using ‘multi-systematic therapy’, it ensures that children do not have to enter local authority care.

Headquarters London
Area of activity Essex County, UK
Benefeciaries Looked after children; Children at the edge of care
Customers Essex County Council, Action for Children, Social Finance
Founded 2012
Website http://www.socialfinance.org.uk/impact/young-people/
Video http://www.socialfinance.org.uk/videos/video-essex/

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Anke Odrig

Little Bird

A simple, transparent system for registering, allocating and managing childcare slots in municipalities.

Headquarters Berlin
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries Children and families, especially those with an immigrant background, the educationally disadvantaged and single parents
Customers Municipalities, welfare organisations and private agencies
Founded 2009
Website http://business.little-bird.de/
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlruBpiE-4M

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Christian Vater
Nina Jäcker

Deutschland rundet auf

Generation of a huge donation volume by collecting micro donations. Even former „non-donors“ are now empowered to create positive change.

Headquarters Berlin
Area of activity Germany
Benefeciaries Social projects in Germany, which receive 100% of the donation volume
Customers big retailers in Germany
Founded 2009
Website http://deutschland-rundet-auf.de/

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Fiona Nielsen
Adrian Alexa


A unique, ethical, safe and effective platform for the exchange of human genomic data.

Headquarters Cambridge, Großbritanien
Area of activity Großbritanien
Benefeciaries Patients suffering from rare, previously incurable diseases
Website https://repositive.io/
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEkQxRMSFOc&feature=youtu.be

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Johannes Weber

Managing Partner

Johannes is managing partner at Ananda Ventures. He founded the Social Venture Fund and built it up along with Florian Erber. Johannes is a very passionate entrepreneur. In addition to founding several start-ups, he possesses a strong desire to put business at the service of society. In 2006, he took a stake in PANDA Investment Management, an investment company that focuses on sustainable investments and a former partner of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). After selling his stake, Johannes decided to found the Social Venture Fund in order to implement his vision for social entrepreneurship and impact investing in Germany. Johannes was recognized as a ‘Young Global Leader’ at the World Economic Forum in 2014. He is a graduate of the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel, and studied Entrepreneurship and Finance at the HEC in Lausanne and the International Business School in Budapest. In 1999, Johannes was part of the NATO Kosovo Forces (KFOR) in Pristina, Kosovo.


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Florian Erber

Managing Partner

Florian is managing partner and co-founder of Ananda Ventures. He combines his substantial venture capital know-how with highly relevant entrepreneurial experience. After beginning his career as a business consultant, he joined German venture capital firm Wellington Partners in 2000. In the following five years, he served on the board of several portfolio companies in his function as an investment manager for Wellington. His entrepreneurial journey then led him to the US high-tech startup WhereNet, where he was the managing director responsible for sales and services in the EMEA region. This was followed by a role as CFO at Munich-based software startup Aloqa, for which he successfully arranged Series A financing. Florian studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and the ENSTE Toulouse, France. He also holds an MBA from the TU Munich and the University of California, Berkeley.


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Lennart Hergel

Investment Director

Lennart is responsible for our UK operations and our office in London. For more than 20 years, Lennart has been well-established in the financial sector, working in New York, London and Hong Kong. He began his career at JP Morgan in investment banking, before moving on to derivative trading and structuring. After that he founded his own company, driven by his passion for turnaround situations and complex project-financing, and his desire to develop innovative solutions for seed and startup funding. His strong interest in early stage companies also took him to a role as an investment manager at the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs – UnLtd. Lennart has a degree in Finance from Loughborough University and is a graduate of the JP Morgan Finance Program.


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Dr. Bernd Klosterkemper

Investment Director

Bernd serves as Investment Director at Ananda Ventures. He has been working in finance and management for over ten years.

After completing his law degree and doctorate at the University of Bayreuth, he began his career at McKinsey & Company. As a project manager with a primary focus on financial institutions and change management, he operated in Germany, the Netherlands and Malaysia. Bernd gained valuable entrepreneurial experience when he assumed the role of CEO of the finance and property service provider PlanetHome AG. He succeeded in helping PlanetHome Group to become the leading B2B-Partner in the placement and financing of private properties, with over 500 employees in 80 locations in Germany and Austria.


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Felix Ferstl


Felix is an analyst at Ananda Ventures. After completing the extracurricular programme of the Social Entrepreneurship Academy in Munich he gained start-up experience in the educational field. He later worked with the energy provider Polarstern in marketing and business development. Felix studied economics in Munich and Copenhagen and is working towards a Bachelor degree in philosophy while in employment.


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Dr. Arne Kröger

Impact Advisor

Dr. Arne Kroeger teaches and researches as academic council at the Leibniz University Hanover. He worked as an analyst with the Social Venture Fund for four years and currently consults us on impact assessments of potential and current investments. His research focuses on social impact measurement and impact investment. Among others, the Academy of Management Review, one of the most influential management journals worldwide, published an article of Arne Kroeger titled “A Conceptual Framework for Comparing Social Value Creation”. Arne Kroeger regularly presents his research findings at academic conferences in Oxford, Boston, Syracuse and New York and participated in research projects in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation and the World Bank Group. In the context of his research, he stayed for two months in Singapore with Impact Investment Exchange Asia conducting an impact assessment for an organization in Bangladesh. He has also worked in an aid development project in Sri Lanka for three months.


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Beatrix Wiedemann

Backoffice & Marketing

Beatrix manages the back office in Munich and works as a management assistant. She is also in charge of marketing at Ananda Ventures. She can draw on many years of experience as an assistant in diverse companies, particularly in the field of advertising. As a non-native resident of Munich, she loves the proximity to the mountains and lakes around Munich and also likes to take advantage of the varied cultural events and activities available in the capital of the state of Bavaria.


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Dr. Thomas Jetter

Investment Committee

Dr. Thomas Jetter supports the Social Venture Fund with more than 25 years of experience in investment banking, strategy consulting and private equity. Taking an undergraduate degree and a PhD at the University of Saarbrücken, Germany, Thomas then began his career at JP Morgan in Frankfurt am Main and New York City. In 1989, he joined McKinsey & Company, where he was Engagement Manager in different industry sectors out of Frankfurt and Sao Paolo. Between 1995 and 2008, Thomas was Partner at Permira Beteiligungsberatung GmbH. Besides leading the company’s chemistry unit, he supported the founding of additional offices outside of Europe and was part of the selection committee for new partners. Today, among other activities, he is member of the advisory boards of Ashoka Germany and the John Hopkins University in Bologna.

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Dr. Christian Saller

Investment Committee

Christian Saller joined Holtzbrinck Ventures in 2013. Before then, he was CEO of the flight search engine Swoodoo, where he was responsible for the company’s development from market entry to market leader in Germany, and its subsequent sale to the American market leader KAYAK. In his role as the Managing Director for Europe, Christian Saller continued to manage KAYAK’s European organization and oversaw the Europe-wide roll-out of its marketing strategy. He was also involved in the successful IPO on the NASDAQ and the subsequent sale of KAYAK to the leading global online travel company Priceline. Before Swoodoo, Christian was investment manager at a venture capital company, followed by management positions in two media start-ups. He began his career in 1998 at an international strategy consulting company. Christian holds a doctorate “summa cum laude” in Mathematics and received an MBA with distinction from the London Business School.

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Join a team in one of our portfolio companies


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Essex – action for children

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Kinderzentren Kunterbunt

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Third Space Learning

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Impact investing in Real Estate_20150107_Deckblatt_kl

Impact Investing in real estate

December 2014

Impact in Motion worked together with Ananda Ventures to produce a fourth English-language sector study. In the study, Stephanie Petrick analyzed the role of Impact Investing in the European real estate market.

>> Download

Impact Investing in education

August 2014

Impact in Motion worked together with Ananda Ventures to produce a third English-language sector study. In the study, Stephanie Petrick analyzed the role of Impact Investing in the German and British education sectors.

>> Download


Impact Investing in ageing

February 2014

Impact in Motion worked together with Ananda Ventures to produce a second English-language sector study. In the study, Impact Investing opportunities in the area of the aging societies in Great Britain, Germany, and France were analyzed.

>> Download


Impact Investing in the area of long-term unemployment

October 2013

Stephanie Petrick (Impact in Motion) worked together with Ananda Ventures to analyze investment opportunities for Impact Investors in the area of integration of persons with long-term unemployment. This English-language study provides detailed insights into the situations in the British, German, French, and Swiss markets.

>> Download

Cover German Ecosystem

The Social Impact Investment Ecosystem in Germany

July 2014

Stephanie Petrick and Melinda Weber were contracted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung fund to analyze current market developments and actors in the German Impact Investing market for the Social Impact Investing Task Force which was set up by the G8.

>> Download

Cover II in Deutschland

Impact Investing in Germany

December 2012

Use investments to remedy social and ecological grievances and achieve financial returns at the same time – that is the promise of an up-and-coming class of investment: “Impact Investments”. The market analysis is directed at the German-language region and offers insights into the ecosystem of Impact Investing as well as possible instructions for a course of action for building up the market.

>> Download

In search of gamma
an unconventional perspective on Impact Investing

Uli Grabenwarter
Heinrich Lichtenstein

December 2012

In this paper summarizes the main findings from new research on impact investing supported by IESE Business School and the Family Offices Circle Foundation, based on interviews with more than 60 dedicated impact investors. In it, the authors define impact investing, identify the diverse investors and how the have succeeded or failed and explain why the popular assumption that impact investing involves a trade-off between financial gain and social impact is wrong.

Spotlight on the Market
The Impact Investor Survey

May 2014

Data collected from 125 Impact Investors by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and JP Morgan.

>> Download



Johannes Weber on the Captial on Stage Event, Munich, December 2016

watch the video

Johannes Weber on the SensAbility – The WHU Social Enterprise Conference

Johannes Weber on the G8 Social Impact Investing Forum in London

Auticon podcast @ BFM Business

watch the video

LITTLE BIRD was nominated for the German Founders’ Prize 2015, Berlin, 30. June

watch the video

Auticon has received a special award at the German Founders’ Prize 2015 in Berlin, 30. June

watch the video

Deutschland rundet auf, Woche des Aufrundens

Articles Ananda Ventures

Interview with Johannes Weber – wir Magazin – June 2016

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Social Startups? As yet it works! Protriat about Ananda Social Venture Fund in the start-up scene, June 26, 2015

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Returns just as crucial for social impact investors in Germany, Unqoute, January 6, 2015

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LITTLE BIRD und SVF auf Gründerszene, 15. Dezember 2014
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“Wir investieren nicht wie andere VCs in kopierte Technologien”, Gründerszene, 05. September 2014
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“Es ist nicht verwerflich, soziale Problme zu lösen und Geld zu verdienen”, planet wissen, 20. März 2014
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“Nachhaltige Investments”Handelsblatt, Business Briefing, 14. Feburar 2014
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“INVESTING FOR GLOBAL IMPACT”Family Office ResearchPublished by the Financial Times, 2014
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“Soziale  Probleme löse und dabei Geld verdienen” von Holger Paul erschienen in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung”
© Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Frankfurt.  Zur Verfügung gestellt vom Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv, 07. Dezember 2013
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Soziales Unternehmertum “Wie Investoren mal eben kurz die Welt retten”, 27. April 2013
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Social Venture Capital “Keine Sozialromantik”, 26. März 2013
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Social Venture Fund in private wealth, März 2013
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Interview mit Arne Kröger vom Social Venture Fund, 28. Januar 2013
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“Geld fürs Geldverdienen mit gutem Gewissen”von Holger Paul erschienen in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung”
© Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Frankfurt. Zur Verfügung gestellt vom Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv, 26. Januar 2013
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Stephen Brenninkmeijer im Magazin für Familienunternehmen “WIR” über Impact Investing und den Social Venture Fund, Dezember 2011 / Januar 2012
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Social Venture Fund in WERTE, Das Kundenmagazin der BW Bank, November 2012
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Social Venture Fund in der FAZ (Interview mir Dr. Monika Roell), 16. Februar 2011
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Social Venture Fund in DIE STIFTUNG, Juli 2010
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Social Venture Fund im Magazin enorm
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Articles on our
Portfolio companies

auticon – Have a problem? No one else can help? Hire the A(utism) Team – forbes.com 08.12.2016

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auticon – Staff with autism can offer employers rare skills – FT, 14.07.2016

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IESO digital health – Simon Cartmell (IESO Executive Chairman) is awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) – 13.06.2016

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auticon – Interview with Kurt Schöffer – Mittelpunkt 02.2016

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Ordermed (vitabook) – “Sag mir, was du nimmst” – FAZ, 20.05.2016

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auticon – Beautiful minds wasted, how to deal with autism – The Economist, 16.04.2016

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auticon – Munich based company relies on autistic employees

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Third Space Learning launches online teaching, July 9, 2015

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Media Demetia wins the Innovationprice, July 6, 2015

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LITTLE BIRD at the German Founders’ Prize 2015, June 30

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auticon at the German Founders’ Prize 2015, June 30

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auticon – Autisten als IT Fachkräfte, 25. Juni 2015

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3 Jahre – Deutschland rundet auf, 02. März 2015

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Insane Logic make sense, 10. Oktober 2014

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auticon in den ARD Tagesthemen (ab Minute 15:30). 05. Mai 2014
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Online Helfer für Hörgeschädigte, FAZ, 14. April 2014
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Deutschland rundet auf, Der Sozialarbeiter, FAZ, 10. Oktober 2013
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Kinderzentren Kunterbunt, ‘Weltklasse’ für Kinder, Nordbayerische Nachrichten,
21. September 2013
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Richtfest für ungewöhnlichste Kita der Stadt, Rheinische Post, 25. Juli 2013
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Eine Lektion im Anderssein, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 02. Juli 2013
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Stille Spezialisten, FAZ, 14. Juni 2013
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Gebärden-Dolmetscher per Smartphone, Münchner Merkur, 19. Juli 2013
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Normalität gesucht, SZ Landeskreisausgabe, 04. Juni 2013
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VerbaVoice: EXIST-Gründerstipendium: Sprungbrett für Visionen, März 2013
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auticon – Autisten verleihen ihre Hochbegabung an IT-Unternehmen, 16. Januar 2013
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Autismus, Der besondere Blick, 15. April 2012
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Social impact bond launched to help teenagers in care and the homeless, The Guardian, 23. November 2012
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Zur Investition in VerbaVoice (Magazin Gateway), Januar 2011
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Our investment managers continuously evaluate new ideas in the field of social entrepreneurship. In order to obtain a brief overview,  we ask that you send us theExecutive Summary of your business. If the described venture is of interest to us, we will contact you for a more comprehensive business plan. If the venture continues to be of interest to us and meet our preliminary criteria, we will arrange an interview with you either personally or via the telephone. The Due Diligence process will then begin. Depending on the complexity of the business model, it can take between 4 and 16 weeks to go from the initial application to receiving support from the Social Venture Fund.  Please send your Executive Summary to Mrs. Beatrix Wiedemann (bw@socialventurefund.com)

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